Psychic Readings / Healing Work

Personal Psychic Readings and Spiritual Counseling Sessions: Philo graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 2003 and has been working as a professional psychic medium ever since. While these days his time is primarily spent on his primary area of expertise – reading homes and businesses – he’s still available for personal one on one sessions as well. To book a psychic session with Philo you will need a space that is quiet and away from other people, along with two chairs that can be sat face to face with nothing in between them. Personal Psychic Readings focus more on reading energies from a deeper psychic space, while Spiritual Counseling Sessions involve reading skills, but are a lot less formal. The rate for personal both of these is $100 for one hour, and most sessions don’t last longer than that. Sessions that do are charged based on the amount of time utilized, thus a 90 minute session, for example, would cost $150.

Personal Healing Sessions: Philo was also trained as a dynamic psychic healer at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. In the same way he works with his spirit guides to clean and clear someone’s property, he can also transform your physical and energetic body from feeling stuck and sluggish and weighed down to clear. lighter and vibrant again. All you’ll need to do is sit with your feet flat on the floor and your eyes open. Along the way Philo will tell you what he sees and is uncovering, what blocks he’s encountering, and what energies are being removed. Your aura will thank you. Healing sessions are available on their own, take approximately 30/45 minutes for $75.

Reading and Healing Combination Package: Healing work is best done following a psychic reading as he will have an even clearer picture of what’s transpiring in your life and body. You can add a Personal Healing Session to a Personal Psychic Reading or Spiritual Counseling Session for only $50.

Generally the rate is $100 for one hour with a $50 reservation downpayment in advance that gets applied to the total cost. I accept Apple Pay, CashApp, Venmo and cash. If hiring me to work outside of Los Angeles you’ll be expected to cover any travel expenses in addition to my rate.