Philo’s Story

Growing up a psychic child I was repeatedly told that what I saw, heard and experienced was all just the product of a youthful and overactive imagination. Growing up in a haunted home, however, the spirits that would visit me late at night begged to differ. One in particular was a Chinese lady and given that I didn’t speak Chinese I never knew what she was saying. I’d just scream, “The Chinese Lady is back! The Chinese Lady is back!” My mother, who grew tired of this over time, ultimately told me, “There’s no Chinese lady in our house. You’ll stop this immediately, everyone is going to think you’re crazy!”

By the age of 11 this “you must be crazy” idea was unfortunately settling in, but thankfully I discovered alcohol. Not only did it allow me to experience a previously unknown sense of ease and comfort in my own skin, all the visions and visitations stopped. I decided I would drink as often as possible and it wasn’t long before my new found drinking solution became a drinking problem.

At the age of 22 I landed in rehab for alcoholism and drug addiction. Sobriety, much to my surprise, turned out to be a most welcome wonder with a vast community of support and acceptance. A whole cast of characters loved me back to health. Everything was on an upward trajectory, except for one little problem – the psychic thing was coming back. At that time I had little control over it, it just kept happening to me and usually at all the wrong times. I didn’t know where to look for help until I saw an advertisement for an open house at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I attended the open house and they did a test reading with all the visitors at the end. My fellow guests and the staff were all very surprised by just how much I could already see and tell them about, it was just a little all over the place.

The staff at BPI promised me that they’d be able to teach me to turn things off when I didn’t want to use it, and turn it on with even more focus when I did. I enrolled in their Meditation 1 class, then Meditation 2, then Healing 1, then Healing 2, and then I took the plunge and signed up for their two year Intensive Clairvoyant Training Program. For the next two years it was classes and lectures and practice readings and volunteering at weekend psychic fairs. It was intensive alright, but everything they promised proved to be true and then some. I felt like I’d be able to live a more normal life and graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute in 2003.

After graduation I became a professional psychic medium and that eventually got me involved with a group called San Francisco Paranormal. We’d go to haunted locations and I’d go in first and read the property, then they’d go in and use technical equipment to try and get scientific evidence of the paranormal. There was also a historian who did research on the properties and would tell us what they had learned about them after we were all finished. Often the information they provided added so many valuable insights into what I just saw and heard on the property – which got me interested in knowing more about another home, the house I grew up in. They agreed to look into it for me and guess what we learned? It turned out that our neighborhood was originally built by and for Chinese railway workers and their families. I was rather flabbergasted and my inner child wanted me to scream “I told you so!” There was a very clear reason for a Chinese lady to have been there growing up since she lived there long before we ever did.

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