A Los Angeles Paranormal Attachment

If you live near a cemetery you’ve probably found yourself a nice and quiet location. If you’re having paranormal problems on the property, however, you may wonder if it’s you or your neighbors.

Mira and her boyfriend had lived a couple doors away from one for two years and they loved the location, but now they were looking at buying the building from the landlord and that meant there was a problem – the second unit downstairs. When I approached their address I immediately noticed that the top floor of the building looked vibrant and alive, with the lower floor appeared lifeless in more ways than one. I suspected the building had originally all been one home, but at some point it was turned into a double decker duplex and the downstairs unit had been vacant for as long as they’d lived there. “It’s just creepy down there,” Mira told me. “Most people don’t even realize there’s a first floor unit even though it’s obvious. Now that we’re looking at buying the place we really want to know what we are dealing with. That unit gives everybody the creeps.”

Heading downstairs and entering the home below I immediately could see why. Something felt off, stuck, dark, thick. The kitchen was dirty and the furnishings throughout were mostly antiques that still had noticeable price tags on them – a bed, sofa, armoire, the works. Mira explained, “The owner bought all this stuff at an auction and it’s been down here this whole time, like he chose all this for the ghosts.” I noticed a small room with no windows or outlets of any kind at the rear that immediately seemed suspect. In the bedroom next to it the bedding was messed up like someone had been sleeping there. “I was down here earlier and it wasn’t like that,” Mira told me while shaking her head. Looking in the bathroom she saw the medicine cabinet was open and explained that wasn’t open when she was down here either. I thanked Mira, she made her exit and then I got to work on figuring out what was making this place feel like a pool of molasses.

As soon as I turned the lights out I started feeling nauseous, which is never a good sign. I entered the rear room I’d clocked as problematic, sat on the floor and introduced myself. It wasn’t long before I felt encroached upon by an energy full of static, yet very silent. Apart from that I started to make out a female presence and soon noticed she had a few female friends and one male too. They were all seniors. Why were they hanging out in this home? After speaking with them the answer seemed to be that it was just a good place to hang out. The furnished home that sat there empty had attracted neighborhood spirits and they’ve been spending nights there together since. “I’m getting the name Elizabeth,” I told them. Someone said, “Yes, that’s her!” The more aware of these spirits I became the more pleasant they felt. There was also this high level of Catholic energy about them so I asked, “Do you know each other from church?” and heard one small affirmative response. They obviously weren’t attached to the property, merely regular visitors, which made it clearer that something else was lurking like the silent static presence. It was time to tune in to see what that was all about.

Going deeper I started seeing pictures of missionary type explorers and a Native American male. Had he been killed on the property prior to the home ever being built? “Owww,” I exclaimed as I felt a sudden stabbing pain in my side. I asked, “Were you stabbed?” I further explained my purpose for being there, that I meant no harm to anyone, that I was there to not only help the current owners, but the spirits in the home as well. He began to understand that I was not involved with the Catholics at all and the more we talked the more the energy in the room began to change somewhat. I was struck by the conflict in the space between elderly white Catholic spirits hanging out in the same space as someone who had either been murdered by the Catholics, or had died in such a way that he held them responsible. “Your name starts with the letter M, something like ‘Mont…,” I said and that’s when I started hearing a loud banging sound coming from inside the armoire. I opened the door of the armoire nervously and it was completely empty. I closed the door and moments later there was banging from the inside again. Everything in the house seemed to have been existing in a dysfunctional balance between conflict and comfort and once these energies began to shift a much nastier energy presented itself.

His name was Sam. He’d died of alcoholism. I asked if he’d died on the property and didn’t respond. His energy was very dark, big and meant to be threatening. “You’re the most unpleasant person I’ve run into in quite awhile” I told him. “I’m getting that you’re connected to the graveyard, but you’re not in it, so what’s that about?” Sam continued bombarding me and in doing so I became aware that he was angry with the Catholics as well. “Why are you angry with them?” I started wondering if the home had originally been a rectory or something, then I saw a flash of someone else’s grave. “So there’s somebody in the cemetery you’re attached to, someone who shouldn’t have died, and I’m getting that that story has never been told at least truthfully.” It seemed the lies were what was fueling the negative energy. I asked, “What year is it Sam?” I heard him say “1927.” I informed him that it was actually nearly 100 years later and that he’d been stuck here for another lifetime. The energy started shifting and we had a long conversation. He began to understand how his resentment over the injustice had left him here stuck for decades. When he realized this the energy of the home began to shift and it rose so fast that I got full body goosebumps. I asked if he wanted to move on, if he wanted to be at peace, and he said that he would. I worked on helping him, Mont and a couple other of the senior Catholic spirits transition and after some additional house cleansing work the place felt remarkably different. It was time to let Mira know what had transpired and call it a a night.

Two weeks later I got a call from her and she told me excitedly, “The downstairs unit has been rented!”

Philo Hagen


Naturally gifted, Berkeley Psychic Institute trained, Philo Hagen is a Paranormal Specialist and Psychic Medium who’s been helping people with the unseen world for more than 20 years.