My New Los Angeles Paranormal Specialist Website

Hello! I’ve been working as a psychic medium primarily focused on the paranormal for more than 20 years. Prior to living in Los Angeles I was based in San Francisco and a client from there recently told me, “You should move all your paranormal, medium and psychic stuff off your personal website and give it a domain and space of its own. You’ll get a lot more attention that way and people need you.” I figured she was right, so welcome to my Los Angeles paranormal website.

Here you can learn more about my history, find out about the psychic services that I offer, and I’m going to start posting stories from my paranormal work here too. Some of them are even hard for me to believe and I was there. I hope you enjoy them and if you’re thinking about hiring me to check out your home or business that they provide insights into just how I work and what I do. Thank you for stopping by.

Philo Hagen


Naturally gifted, Berkeley Psychic Institute trained, Philo Hagen is a Paranormal Specialist and Psychic Medium who’s been helping people with the unseen world for more than 20 years.